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Content Management System (CMS)

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If you’re looking for a website that you can update quickly and easily even if you have no web development skills, then our Content Management System is the perfect base to build it upon. Using our CMS, editing and adding content online becomes as easy as writing a Word Doc, which means that you can keep your site as fresh and up-to-date as you like with a minimum of hassle and a minimum of cost. Want to talk about it? Give Stuart a call on 01908 265656

Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) solution

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By combining our years of experience in creating print-based direct mail solutions with our expertise in the area of online development, we can offer you a way of reaching your customers that quite simply ticks all the boxes. Quick, creative, targeted and totally measurable, our eDM offering on its own can bring your marketing to a whole new level. Give Stuart a call to discuss 01908 265656 or email: [email protected]

Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

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Store, search, retrieve and share files whenever and wherever you need using our flexible and accessible online archive system. Whether you want to set up a brand image library, transfer files between colleagues or create somewhere secure to back up your data, we can customise our service to suit your needs precisely. interested? Give Stuart Freestone a call for more details 01908 265656. or email on [email protected]

Instructional Video

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Anybody struggling with putting together our fantastic but fiddly 2009 reindeer sleigh combo should really watch our very informative and Instructional Video, as you will see, ‘almost’ no expense was spared on the making of it.

You may be surprised to know, as a result, Ikea, habitat and the (more…)

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and the progress of the web

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The introduction of high-speed, high-bandwidth internet access in recent years has pushed the capabilities of the web enormously. Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) represent the next step in web development.

Online Digital Asset Management (DAM)

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) provides an online database of your company’s work and digital assets. It acts as a library and cataloguing system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Another key feature of a good Digital Asset Management system is the ability to assign users with different privileges throughout. Utilizing this, you can allow clients, publications or different departments of your company to access your data at different levels. (more…)